Artist: Tom J. Change

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New in my publishing strategy are ‘Song Blogs.’ It is something that is easy for me. I do not really have a concept anymore, instead I am writing on things that are currently in my head maybe. The titles of these songs are at the same time the themes, and they do not need to have a relation to each other. I am improvising the text into being.

‘Tom Change’ is a pseudonym. I am Austrian and have a German surname. There is one big thing behind the artist name, whatever you think. It is linked to my improvising on the piano, on which I do a lot with modulations, with chords as harmonies that give the key (= Tonart), being in another key with every other chord, having a melody upon them. At first it was rather technical and difficult. It still is technical, but yet the tunes are more balanced and more connected.


20160719 - the available time (04:20) 
20160427 - stance (04:41)
20160311 - discipline (04:48)
20151017 - the right things (05:02)

20150912 - attractive (05:33)

20150830 - living with an aim (04:55)


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